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Your support of Park Avenue Armory is deeply appreciated. We are working tirelessly to commission new productions for the Wade Thompson Drill Hall. We are more active than ever educating and supporting students through our in-demand Education Programs. Your support will allow all of the Armory's work to continue at this crucial moment. We are proud to share examples of what your support can help fund through our Education programs, providing New York City public school students a creative outlet to enrich their lives at a time when they face unprecedented challenges.

If you have any questions about the Armory Gala, please contact the Office of Special Events by email at or phone at (212) 933-5820. Thank you for your generous support.

I/we would be delighted to support Park Avenue Armory's Gala at the folllowing level (all dates and tickets subject to availability):


Could help provide reliable internet access for Youth Corps participants
• Receive 2 tickets to Social Distance Hall programming ($450 is tax-deductible)


Could help provide resources at Partner Schools
• Receive 2 tickets to an upcoming Drill Hall Production ($700 is tax-deductible)


Could help underwrite video resources for schools
• Receive 2 premium tickets to an upcoming Armory production followed by a back-stage tour and champagne toast OR entertain a group of 10 with a private historic tour of the Armory that concludes with a celebratory champagne toast ($4,500 is tax-deductible)


Could help support the Armory's virtual arts education programs
• Receive 2 premier tickets to a Drill Hall production opening night and invitation to celebratory cast party ($9,400 is tax-deductible)

The following levels feature the most exclusive benefits that we would be delighted to discuss with you and will go to support all of what makes the Armory so special.


• Receive one time use of a 2nd floor historic room for a personal entertaining opportunity OR premier seating for a group of 10 at an upcoming Drill Hall production with a pre or post show champagne reception ($15,000 is tax-deductible)


• Receive one time use of the historic Board of Officers or Veterans Room for a personal entertaining opportunity ($25,000 is tax-deductible)


• Receive a private cabaret "supper club" event held in a 1st floor historic room featuring a dynamic performance curated by the Armory and elite catering for up to 20 guests ($50,000 is tax-deductible)

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If you have any questions about your donation please email or call (212) 616-3958.

Thank you for your gift!